Reduce the Spread of Germs & Viruses by Using Touchless Technology

Keep Your Building Safe with Touchless Technology

Touchless door activation is an excellent way to significantly reduce the spreading of germs and viruses in buildings.  Door handles on average are the most germ-infested objects in a building, and it is very possible to contract Covid-19, other viruses, and bacteria’s just from touching the handle of a door. It is very possible to pass on COVID-19 to other people just from the use of the doors in your building.

recent study by NIH suggests that COVID-19 can be found on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to three days, unless properly decontaminated. According to the CDC, it’s possible to contract the virus responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak by touching a service or object with the virus on it, then touching your face. One of the benefits of automatic doors is that they eliminate the need to physically touch surfaces like doors and handles. Therefore, reducing surface to surface transmission.

At City Automatics we can provide a variety of products to allow hands-free operation of automatic doors to keep your occupants safe. They are a simple and effective solution to prevent cross-contamination from viruses or germs on door handles. Your staff and visitors will be able to open and close doors without touching them. This drastically reduces the risk of contamination.

Our AAADM certified technicians will install hands free activation sensors for the doors in your facilities.  We can handle the installation of a single automatic operator just as well as large-scale installations of hands-free door sensors throughout large commercial buildings.

Our professional team will work with you to solve all your door opening needs.  Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help.

Full Coronavirus guidance and support can be found on the official Canadian Government website.


Stop Germs with our Hands-Free Door Openers.

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